Theta Tau

at Marian University

Letter From Alumnae

Below are a collection of various letters from alumnae explaining what Alpha Xi Delta means to them:

"I was a commuter student, living at home with my parents, while working 30-40 hours each week between several different jobs. I knew I needed to make friends with similar interests in one way or another. As I was walking to class one day I saw chalk art on the sidewalk about Rush Week and visiting all three sororities during that week. I thought it might be a way to meet a great group of women. I attended all but one of the events during that week. However, during the first night of Rush Week, I remember feeling welcomed into their cute sorority house. Pink roses were everywhere. There were a couple of candles lit, baked goods on the counter, and punch in the bowl. One of the sisters, Stephanie Hayden, took a couple of us to a room and we all sat in a circle and discussed different things in life and what it meant for Stephanie to be an Alpha Xi. From that first night of Rush, I had my heart set on Alpha Xi Delta. However, I’ll admit I was worried about the cost. I was paying for my own college education and I did not know if I would have the extra income to join.

When I received the phone call on Bid Day and realized I just needed to work more hours at one of my jobs, I accepted. I was an official Alpha Xi Delta sister! Little did I realize what that meant when I was a freshmen. I developed fantastic friendships with these ladies and those friendships have carried over 16 years later! However, Alpha Xi Delta offered much more than just that. It brought me out of my “shell.” I did not have a whole lot of self-confidence when I started college. I was a social person, but a social person who didn’t talk much about me because I didn’t think people cared about who I really was. The women of Alpha Xi showed me that I can make a difference in this world and people value what I bring to the table. The volunteer opportunities taught me leadership responsibilities and how 5 minutes in one day can change the next person’s life.

I have so many fond memories of my college years and 99% of them involve a member of Alpha Xi Delta. Whether it was late nights watching Dawson’s Creek, studying in the house before a major test, going to get ice cream in between classes in Stacy Kultgen Eibs’ “Eddie”, getting my ears pierced and highlighting my hair for the first time, volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club of Fond du Lac, making care packages, and going to Little Farmer there was always a sister beside me. Alpha Xi Delta taught me a lot about myself, the people around me, and that I can make a difference. The friendships, self-confidence building, leadership opportunities, and volunteer opportunities developed who I am as a person.  I would encourage any female, at any age, who is considering Alpha Xi Delta to make the “plunge”. It’s a decision they will never regret if they are willing to dedicate themselves to their own development." -Colleen Hahn, '98


Hello Potential Members of Alpha Xi Delta-

I joined Alpha Xi Delta in 2007, my freshman year of college. I wanted a “home away from home” and wanted a place that would give me new experiences and new friends during my time in college. Alpha Xi Delta was all of those things for me. Through AXiD I gained new friends, not only within my own organization but alumna sisters and members of other Greek organizations. In my own sorority, I had 20 sisters available at all times; ready to go get dinner, watch a movie, go to a basketball game, do homework with. My sisters were always there when I need a shoulder to cry on or if I needed some advice.

By joining Alpha Xi Delta I was able to gain leadership, organizational, time-management, and communication skills. I used these skills in many leadership positions within AXiD and within other organizations on campus. Joining Greek life gave me the opportunity to work with a diverse group of students. The skills I learned in Alpha Xi Delta are skills that I continue to use today when managing my home and career expectations. I also participated in philanthropy events and giving back to the community. Our philanthropy is Autism Speaks; as an education major this philanthropy really connected my love of teaching and my love of Alpha Xi Delta.

Alpha Xi Delta is more than just “four years.” Your membership does not end after college. I gained my closest friends through AXiD. We were in each other’s weddings and still get together many times throughout the school year. I’m part of an alumna association; we meet regularly and plans events together. These are Alpha Xi Delta from all over the country; we all had different college experiences but we’re bonded by our love for our sorority. I’ve also been a chapter advisor, serving to help promote Alpha Xi Delta and to help collegiate women have the best experience they can have.

My advice to any woman considering Greek life would be to attend recruitment events and get to know the chapters. Each chapter is unique and has unique ideals and values. Find the organization that best fits you. If you put in the time and hard work, joining a sorority will make you a better person and you’ll gain amazing friendships and experiences.


Tiffany (Pritchard) Bogenschutz